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Kanazawa’s unique food culture dates back to the feudal period, with many local cuisines drawn from the area’s bounty in the Sea of Japan. Enjoy a taste unique to Kanazawa.

Sacchan’s Recommendations

Tara no Kotsuke
(Cod Dish)

Cod is in season in the winter. A hot pot filled with cod or a dish with creamy cod soft roe, or milt, are simply divine. Among all the great cod dishes, there is one traditional local dish you must try: Tara no Kotsuke, chopped cod coated with simmered cod roe.

(Yellowtail Dish)

Buri, yellowtail, is the very fish that makes the Hokuriku region famous for its winter seafood. Buri is very familiar to the local residents. Kabura-zushi is a well-known traditional dish of Kanazawa featuring buri. The fish is sandwiched in salted kabura radish and then fermented with rice malt. The combination of the raddish’s crunch and the fish’s rich flavor is superb.

(Sashimi Cured with Kelp)

Kobu-jime, sashimi cured with kelp, has been consumed as preserved food in Hokuriku region for centuries. The flavor of kelp gives the sashimi a deeper, more savory taste. Flounders, snappers and marlins, called “sawara” in Kanazawa, are other fish commonly used for kobu-jime.


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