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Kanazawa is one of Japan’s top sushi producers, with all the right ingredients for good sushi: fresh fish, clean water and delicious rice. Come enjoy the art of sushi by a skilled sushi chef.

Sacchan’s Recommendations

(Black Throat Sea Perch)

Formaly called aka-mutsu in Japan, the black throat sea perch is a white fish with a black throat whose common Japanese name, “nodo-guro” translates literally as “throat black.” Because of its sweet fatty flesh, it is also called “the toro of white fish.” Seared nodo-guro sushi is just one of the many exquisite dishes made available by Kanazawa’s fresh catches from all over Ishikawa, all the way up to Wajima.

(Black Scraper)

Kawahagi, black scraper, is covered with thick, coarse skin. The skin is so rough that peeling if off must be done immediately, giving the fish it’s Japanese name: “kawa” means skin and “hagi” means to peel. Served as sushi topped with its liver is a local delicacy, and the liver so rich that is even called “foie gras of sea.”

(Red Grouper)

Kijihata, red grouper, is called “namera” in Kanazawa and has been a familiar fish to fishermen for ages. As their numbers have been decreasing in recent years, it’s considered high grade for its rarity. The flavor of its white flesh is described as sweet, sophisticated, smooth and delicate, and becomes richer in the mouth.


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