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Dragnet Catches in Kanazawa

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Kanazawa’s most common style of fishing is dragnet, pulling many more kinds of seafood besides popular crab and shrimp. Here are some of the fish caught in Kanazawa’s dragnets.

Common fish

(Flathead Flounder)

This type of flounder is most commonly caught in Kanazawa and has noticeably red scales. Aka-garei is good steamed, deep-fried or simply grilled with salt. As it’s easily to prepare, it is often appears on household tables.

(Sailfin Sandfish)

Hata-hata can be caught anywhere on along the Sea of Japan. The hata-hata caught offshore of Ishikawa are migrating in search of food. Hata-hata are delicious steamed, deep-fried or dried.

(Porous-head Eelpout)

Noro-genge live in the deep sea at the depth of 200 meters. The body is gelatinous, and its plump texture is quite good in soup or steamed dish.

Fisherman’s Recommendations

(small shrimp)
Season: December to March

Much smaller than the gasu-ebi with a shell soft enough to enjoy grilled or deep-fried. The most recommended way to enjoy it is Kaki-age, mixed vegetable tempura, or fresh Gunkan sushi roll.

(Firefly Squid)
Season: January to March

Hotaru-ika, another of Kanazawa’s dragnet catches, inhabit waters from the coast of Niigata Prefecture all the way to the west end of the Sea of Japan. It’s typically eaten boiled and topped with a miso vinaigrette.

(Neptunea intersculpta)
Season: throughout the year

Locally known as “T-gai,” Ezoboramodoki is bigger than bai-gai with reddish color shell. The best way to appreciate its crunchy texture is as sashimi.


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